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number 4


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well my love affair with my AES420 yammy ended early. i took advantage of the stores return policy and snagged a natural mahogany Godin LGsp90. this is LG number 4.

just tired of humbuckers. i do plan on eventually raising my Kramer pacer custom 2 for heavy bucker duties. but for the rest of the time it is single coils for me, p90s and the Peavey Generation triple single ( tele style) the wife is getting me for Christmas.

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Very nice, simplicity abounds...like the string through body, the

4 bolt cutaway neck mount and the access panel, body style, beautiful wood and oh yes, the Seymour Duncans...and the master tone/volume knobs, tunamatic bridge and the top mounted fret markers...let us know how she feels and sounds....

Take care, Larryz
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thanks guys. it feels like heaven. i had 3 already and love the necks. i am almost 100% at home on these necks. the only neck i warm up to as much is a Strat neck.

i prefer their bolt on neck to most set necks. there is no paint or finish in the neck pocket. so the tone transfer is pure and warm. lots of sustain. lots.

what is weird about this one is my unwound G string sounds fat like a wound string.

the p90's are hotter than most. they sound great clean but they have enough balls to play heavy stuff as well.

my first LG was a p90 model as well and i had that for 3.5 years. which is a lifetime for a guitar in my hands.

i needed to return to p90's.

i plan on doing some tracking with it to show it's versatility.

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To me Godin Guitars (and Montreal Guitars &Richmond (is that seperate also) are very underrated. You can get the basics or get

H/S/H with a piezo bridge and a 13 pin Synth out. That is one fine guitar there, I dig P-90's as a alternate sound to HB's or single coils. I have a Gibson Blueshawk with Blues P-90's and a dummy coil

to realy eliminate any hum/noise plus use the 3 way toggle or control up and use the variatone, Never understod why Gibson discontinued the BluesHawk, I bought mine used with a Brown Gibson OHSC for a song, I have a friend who managed a gear/guitar shop checked it out and offered me to have his friend (who is our area's only Gibson/Epiphone authorized repair shop and he cleaned

it up, (not that it was filty) it looked mint once he was done , the gold colored hard ware and the cherry red finish and a clean up on the case and a adjutment on a snap/lock , no charge I owe them (I paid $498.00 out the door when I bought the guitar from a shop (now out of business)that sold drums downstairs and guitars,bass's and amps and effects and rack gear upstairs, I called them out of the blue(I had been there) they said one came n two days ago and emailed me two jpgs and they agreed to hold it

for 1 hour and after playing through both tube amps (straight in) and a Line 6 Flextone II and some effects ) for a hour I was hooked (after 2-3 minutes) a guy came in and stood near me waiting to put it down or be undecided) no way , Its my favorite guitar, their is hope as Gibson re-issues the Nighthawk (thought not quite the same) i would love to get the 3 p/u model (MH,single coil/HB, another one DC'd that I cant figure out.


I hope to get a Godin some day, I like the Richmond (two different ones (I like the lipstick pick ups on the one though have not played one) Hopefully I can get one with multiple configurations and outputs (like John M) he plays Godin and uses

the piezo and the 13pin synth access. I played a friends Godin

a Bluesish color and it had Seymour Duncans and a very similiar body shape and neck (bolt on) and he bought a hrad shell case.

We have a Godin Dealer pretty close (the Music Farm ) there is one closer but the people are rude so not a cent from me (sorry)


Congtrats on the Prefect Purchase!


Peace and Hope





Gibson Blueshawk

Epiphone Elitist '57 Goldtop

Line 6 Variax 500 & Workbench

Atomic Reactor Amp


Vox Tonelab

Adrennalinn 111


E-H 2880&FC

Seynour Duncan Shape-Shifter



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