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A new, fairly-sweet bass... from an unlikely source...


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Gibson purchased Kramer guitars back at the start of this decade. The first guitars were a bunch of entry-level imports made on the cheap. Then they introduced some USA-made models that were actually pretty respectable.


Now it looks like they're hitting the middle ground-- intriguing guitars from what appear to be decent components, imported.


On the bass front, they came up with this rather interesting offering:



Behold! The Kramer(!) Disciple Bass.


It has a "flush mounted" bridge (nearly all their 2010 guitars feature a "recessed" Floyd Rose) that appears to be of Hipshot origin, with an EMG MM-style pickup and BTS (separate bass and treble control knobs) pre-amp. It has an asymmetrical maple neck (I would assume a profile similar to Tobias, which Gibson also owns), with an ebony fretboard. The body is solid Mahogany.


A good looker, overall. I like its straightforward simplicity and neat paint job.

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One of my long time students is a very small girl (with a huge heart) who started at age 11. She would never play a "girl's bass" and started out on a 34" scale black Ibanez (she was about 56" tall at the time) and now plays a 24 fret Schecter Stiletto and tears it up in high school jazz band.


I just want a Hannah Montana guitar to play Achy Breaky Heart on.

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That thar "flush mounted" bridge looks a lot like a Hipshot A to me. I bet they mounted the bottom of the bridge flush with the top of the body, that tends to be a good construction technique. At first pass I would imagine 'flush mounted' means the bridge is embeded into a routed cavity so the top of the bridge is flush with the top of the body. I've never seen it done that way, but I just got an idea for the DIY bass I keep not building.


Overall, not my cuppa. It's nice to see Gibson was kind enough to bring Kramer back to market.

- Matt W.
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The shape seems quite interesting indeed. Does anyone HAS TO sort to these colors only? It would be interesting to stip the paint off.. or well, rather have them offer it on more wooden finishes, other than nausea pink and Emo-eye-pencil black (or is it the other way?).


It would be nice having Kramer back. I need them to build a 5-string "Duke" to pair with my 4-strings one ;).



And that's coming from someone who's deepest wish is to buy a pink Daisy Rock and play Master Of Puppets on it for a metalband audition ...


EPB: You're my hero. :P

Brought to you by Juancarlin.




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I really like the look and colour scheme, but can't see myself in any kind of band situation where I'd whoop out this bass. And that's coming from someone who's deepest wish is to buy a pink Daisy Rock and play Master Of Puppets on it for a metalband audition ...


It's funny that you should mention Master of Puppets (the best Metal album ever, IMHO), because there is something about the formula of this bass that seems strangely familiar...


... let's see... 24 frets, single humbucker, active electronics-- I swear, this has something to do with Master of Puppets...




... I swear, there is something VERY appropriate about that formula...

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That bass - for reasons unexplained - made me think of the Flea bass. After the BP article describing it, I haven't seen much about it. I see it is still for sale on MF, but I never see it in stores. Has anyone tried it? It looks like it might be fun (though I'd probably buy the blue one and swap in a white pickguard).






Acoustic Color


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