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motif-rack XS affordable controller


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so i got the rack XS & find that my NE3 61 is not going to cut it as a controller. can anyone recommend a 76-88 key controller with weighted keys that works well with the XS? & costs $500 - $1000 ? used is fine.


i bet this has been covered but i can't find it.


lord knows i wish i could get that rd700gx from the recent thread. . .

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Try to find a used Kurzweil PC2. MIDI controller functions up the ying-yang. Not sure regarding the price. May be closer to the $1000 end of things.

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yamaha S08 has the same weighted key action as the motif series. I used it as a controller for years... its great. Has a GREAT harmonica patch that I have never heard better since.


It is fading into retirement about now. Musiciansfriend will probably sell what they have left in stock for $500





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I think your best best is a used Kurzweil K2500 (76 note). These often show up on ebay within your budget. This is an astonishingly powerful controller, up to four switch pedals, two expression pedals (one optionally a breath controller) up to 999 eight zone Setups with all sorts of controlling mapping options. The reason I'm not suggesting the 88 note K2500X is that the 88 note Fatar TP20 actions used in those were absolute crap and fail constantly. In contrast I've found the K2500 76 note actions to be quite durable and reliable.
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