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Epiphone Valve Sr


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I got the combo version of the Valve Senior a few weeks ago and while I am still breaking it in I can say that I am pretty happy with it. The reverb, while a spring reverb (Ruby 2 spring tank), isn't very good - I am thinking of putting in an accutronics tank with 3 springs and see if that helps. On the plus side, I find this amp to be pretty versatile and you can get nice cleans and some nice grunge out of it as well. Takes pedals very well. Not sure about the Lady Luck speaker but it isn't broken in yet either so will wait and see. By the way, the amp is 20 watts - everybody selling it seems to think it is 18 watts, but the manual says differently. It can get very very loud, although I have found that it plays very nicely at lower volumes too. At this juncture, a nice little amp.
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