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Mono piano sample?


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Hi all,

I am looking for a good MONO piano sample, to play with a software sampler. I can read most formats.

I am googling but so far I didn't find much, commercial or free.

I own Ivory, which is wonderful in stereo, but I don't like it in mono.

Also I'd like it to be smallish in size, I don't need thousand of layers and release samples. Just a simple great sounding mono piano.

Any suggestions?


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You have Ivory...get the manual and learn how to modify a patch..you can change virtually everything including the stereo spread. Pick a piano u like, mod it in mono until you are happy w/it, then save it. I have 10 different stereo/mono patch's I use on Receptor, all moded to fit the need so to speak. Why buy another sw piano when u have 1 of the best????
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