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(Belated) TMIF Report with photos, links

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Hey there

I finally got things organized for this-a look back at the amazing Tokyo Music Instrument Fair earlier this month. The first thing to note is, since they moved to a bigger venue it`s no longer in Tokyo but in Yokohama.

Anyway...off we go.

Here`s a model Zone B from Dragonfly, one of my favorite makers that nobody`s ever heard of. They don`t even have their own website. This

is one of their ultra long scale (792mm or 31.1") guitars, 27 full-size frets. Who needs seven strings. This thing is a blast to play:



You can see more from them at www.harrysjp.com


Lost in the guitar forest-more cool stuff from Dragonfly, and one from Zodiac, another maker of cool stuff:



Some wild stuff from Basslab of Germany-one of the few `no try zones`, although I don`t know what their problem is. Pretty much everything else is `sample till you cramp`:





The Martin corner, also a `no try zone` but, well from L. to R. that`s a

D-76 from 1976, a D-28 from 1954, and a D-28 from 1969:




The Steinway booth. There are several more pianos not visible but, have a seat, play till they close the place:




Roger & Me (sorry about the blurriness). Mr. Mayer finally got over himself and spoke to me like a real person-then he wouldn`t stop. I was worried that I wouldn`t have time to try more stuff out. Nice guy once you get to know him, and of course REALLY knows his stuff. He told me about some things he`s working on, but made me promise not to say any...oh, I have to sneeze ah...ah...AM-PSSSSSS! made me promise not to say anything:




One of the many outstanding performances-once again sorry I couldn`t get a better shot. This person plays insanely fast melodic shred, entirely in an overhand/over the top of the fretboard style-and happens to be blind as well. This was near the ESP booth:





Okay, here`s some more stuff to check out-


I took a photo of some guitars by Frank Hartung, but it didn`t develop for some reason-in any case, gorgeous designs. Check them out here:




One of the things I didn`t get to try-it was sitting right in front of me but I had to go-is the Moog guitar. Sounds really interesting, check it out here:



Something I did get to try, briefly-the Boss eband js-8. Very cool addition to the band-in-a-box bandwagon:





I promised these guys I would let the forum know-one of the few importers of rosewood licensed by the Brazilian government. they use recyled, sustainable use wood form houses, etc.:





This fellow is from Hawaii, really nice guy. He had koa chopsticks for sale, but no guitar picks-kinda disappointing but, anyway if you`re on the lookout for koa this is the man:






Joe X guitars-these guys definitely get the humor award. Their tag line is, `Made in America by Assholes`:






Anyway, hope you found something interesting there. There`s even more cool stuff but I have to get out of here.




















Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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Very CoooL, How heavy is the dragonfly compared to another? neck heavy?


I`ve played them several times, haven`t checked for that specifically but they always feel balanced to me. It seems like there would be a nosedive problem but I haven`t noticed one.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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Looks like you had a good time! I shud try to hit one of these shows next time round. I remember the first time I saw the Joe-X guitars I burst out laughing after reading the headstock, there were half a dozen people in the shop they looked at me & I pointed at the guitar& thought to myself nevermind haha, seen those drgonflies as well!



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Well you have to wait till 2011 now, but it`s a highly recommended experience.

There`s another smaller show next year, I`ll get the details to you shortly.


Here`s another guitar, from Landscape. Two years ago I thought it looked better than it played. This time I gave it another shot and it felt better, maybe I took more time with it:


Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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