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Craig, My apologies if...

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Craig, My apologies if I caused any disruption, or stirred up any animosities. There just seemed to me, to be something not quite right about an attempt, (however thinly disguised) to justify terrorism. The request to "Not Argue" didn't seem genuine. I found out what I wanted to know about the author of the post, so again I hope nobodys upset. Plus I'm new here, I can't come in causin' no trouble!! ;) Respectfully, Sly :cool:
Whasineva ehaiz, ehissgot ta be Funky!
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Hey Groove, Personally, I'm staying away from political arguments around here (don't quote me on this :) ) I think alot of people here are quite passionate about their views, and most of us are "arm-chair generals". Dang, if it isn't everytime I say something about the current events, I get beat up for differing opinions, misconstrued intentions, insensitivities, people taking literally an exaggeration I made, etc., etc. I 've come to the conclusion that its best we let the people we've elected to sort out the complexities of late. I think you handled yourself admirably, I wouldn't sweat it.
In two days, it won't matter.
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