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Midi Bass Pedals

Moon Zero Two

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The Rolands are fine and last for years.

Triggers anything using CC's also.

I use a footswitch pedal that transposes an octave so I can cover 3 octaves if need be.

You have to be sitting down to use this though.

I was taught to keep my new together when I was doing the" Ball Park " organ styles. It works well, and the footswitch is easier this way too.

Magnus C350 and a TV Dinner Tray Stand



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I have a Roland PK5A footpedal MIDI controller. It is really well built. By default the PK5A is set to send MIDI commands on channel two, so since my keyboard controller is only sending on channel one, it is straightforward in my Roland XV synth to assign separate patches to be fired only when a footpedal key is pressed. As stated above, the PK5A is one octave. There is a larger unit called the Roland PK7, but I have never tried a PK7.


My experience with the footpedal controller is that my feet do not have the nimbleness, quickness and precision to do anything complicated. They are probably useful for delivering bass lines written for the footpedals of a church organ, but I would think that bass lines for jazz songs would be tougher. (I don't play bass lines on the PK5A; instead I use it to make other noises in my synth when both of my hands are busy playing the sax). The next time you play some left handed bass lines, maybe you can try to think about whether you would be able to play bass lines with one of your feet - bass lines that would be suitable for the jazz songs you are playing.

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I believe Dave is selling one in the classifieds - the same XPK200 that I'm using.


I talked to BT productions about their Consolette pedals but he said that the guy never got around to making them.


I had nothing but great things to say about the Roland PK5's. It could have even been powered via batteries if you wanted too. However, I like the physical size of the Hammond XPK's better.







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