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roland cube amps from 80s

Floyd Tatum

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anyone have one of those roland keyboard cube amps from the 80's? As I recall, they had a line of Cube guitar amps, a line of cube bass amps, and a line of cube kbd amps. Just for the hell of it, I'm trying to find info about the keyboard cube amps, so if anyone has one, could you please tell the exact model name/number? Thanks.


EDIT: I found the CK-60, which was a 60-watt Keyboard Cube. I think they made a CK-40 and CK-100, but so far, have only found the CK-60 manual



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hi fl



Had the 60 and still have the small one .

both are in a silver colour, but cant remember the name exactly but looking on the net the CK 60 and I guess the small one is the CK 40 altough i dont think its 40 watts...but I'll check


not at home yet but what do you want to know?


the 60 was a good performer even coping with a microphone for vocals,and midi files ran through it ok too,strongly made, ounded good, great for mid volume bands not great for guitar hero bands but fine in a practise if its close to you, good portable solution in most club or pub venues.Mine did service in several bands playing mostly clubs and pubs,


Spring reverb sometimes can muck up, rest is very robust

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