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Heaven, with guitars-photos, links coming...

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Well last weekend had the 2009 edition of the Tokyo Music Instrument Fair.

Wow-just, wow. The only bad thing about this time is the number of things I didn`t have time to get to. Line 6 live, mini concert featuring their gear-no time. Diamond Amps, a full stack set up and ready to try-no time. The Boss ME-70, fired up and ready to try-someone in front of me, no time.

I hope my friend appreciates what I had to give up to be at his birthday party.

Anyway, just one or two highlights for now-one of the guitars I`ve been dreaming about playing is a Marchione solidbody-I suppose you`d be set back around $5,000. Well I got to jam all I wanted, only to find out that the volume knob is in exactly the worst place-I kept turning myself down.

I was trying out a guitar and one of the sales reps from another company walked over and asked me to pose for some photos with one of their artist sig guitars, right on the spot.

Roger Mayer finally ran out of defense mechanisms, or he figured I wasn`t going to go away. We had a long, rambling but really interesting talk.

Our friends from Tubewonder Amps were there again-some of you may recall that the builder himself dropped in on the forum to chat last time.

Anyway more later. Caught a bit of a cold the next day, need some sleep.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


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