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Professional piano/organ movers advice


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Does anyone have any recommendations for professional piano movers? I may be moving the following instruments from Florida to Oregon:


Kawai K50 upright piano

Hammond C3 organ with Leslie 122 and PR 40 cabinets


I know it won't be cheap, but any advice on who to go with for a less stressful experience would be appreciated.




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I had 'regular' professional movers move me from NY to Europe and they packed up and moved my 6'9" (or something like that) grand piano without any problems. Guys who move folks for a living, a well known outfit, should know what they're doing. Just be sure to tell them ahead of time what it is they're moving.


I had a guy come ahead of time to look everything over so they would know what to expect. This isn't brain surgery.

No guitarists were harmed during the making of this message.


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They delivered my Leslie 3300. Great company.


Evidently "Keyboard Carriage" has I use to know them has merged with this company.


I REALLY wish I would have taken the advice given to me by several people here in town to use them when I moved my D from Creston, Iowa to LA.


I tried to save a few $$$s and opted for "Modern Piano" out of St. Louis (my hometown). I would highly NOT RECOMMEND using them. They put a serious scratch/gouge on the lid right above the Steinway decal on the side.


In my total state of euphoria of seeing the piano rolling up my driveway and then being set in my studio, I failed to to closely inspect the case, instead I immediately pulled the lid up and started playing away. It was only 30 minutes after they had left when I put the lid down and noticed this huge gouge in the wood that definitely was not there at Southwestern Community College in Creston. I tried pics plus phone calls, too late, you lose, I had signed off on it. They wouldn't do a darn thing. I was pissed to say the least but it was my own fault. They also jammed something in the dampers has well that cost me 90 minutes of labor to repair. Stay away from Modern Piano out of St. Louis.


I've spoke with Rick Dawson from this "Keyboard Carriage" at NAMM last year. He seems like a very Pro /stand up type guy.


He gave my his card with the contact of:




Elizabethtown, KY




NY Steinway D

Yamaha AvantGrand N3X, P-515







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Yes, Keyboard Carriage is what they used to be called. I had trouble trying to find them via Google search this time due to the name change. I assume they changed it to reflect the fact that they also transport motorcycles.


I was hoping the name change reflected the fact that they transport pianos BY motorcycle. I'd pay to see that!

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