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George Carlin (and his MUSIC)


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Did all of you already know he played piano and could sing? I had heard him sing a bit before, but I didn't know he also played piano until recently when I saw him awarded posthumously with the Mark Twain Humorist Award. They showed a clip of him playing "Cherry Pie" at the piano and singing while on the Arsenio Hall Show. Not really that difficult, but as with his comedic timing, he did this flawlessly.


Just curious if you all already knew this.

Steve (Stevie Ray)

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Da Bronx was alive and well in George.... Long live George!


Really the part of the Bronx where he grew up is/was an odd mix of culture, the street and higher learning.


I will forever miss him (like many of us)!


Thnx Dave and Stepay!

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