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Finding new music, jam or otherwise


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One of the best free tools for finding new music LEGALLY is

www.pandora.com . It's internet radio, but YOU control the playlist (and in the process, can find some really great stuff).


Sign up with an email address, type in either the genre, or an artist you are curious about, and it will start playing music of similar nature. You can give a thumbs up or down on each song (thumbs down skips to next song), but can only only refuse so many songs per hour, and depending on how you rate the songs, will narrow or broaden the focus of that new "station". You can have as many "stations" as you want, only one plays at a time of course, but you can save them, and click on the station you want, and they will continue to feed you music that you can enjoy or pass on. No downloads at this point, but it's a very useful tool in finding new (or older) stuff.


You can also share stations with other people too.


I have no afiliation with Pandora, I get no money (they take no money!), but I have exposed myself (in a manner of speaking) to some great stuff I wouldn't have found otherwise.



Hitting "Play" does NOT constitute live performance. -Me.
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Pandora rocks, I listen at work most every day.


Ditto. Though I'm a little irked at the new format (40 hour maximum per month). However, I can't really complain when it's free.

Yup, and $36/yr for unlimited & no ads is a good deal too. I'll probably ante up as soon as I hit my limit.
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