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Motion Sound Pro-3X Bass Cabinet Recommendations?


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I intend getting the 3X but am unsure what bass amp to go for or even if I should get a full range so I can put my piano through it simultaneously. Does it even need to be 15"? Any thoughts appreciated, although I'd want the controls to be front mounted, as light as possible and preferably matching black with the ability to sit the 3X on top.



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Whatever you do, don't buy a KB amp to go along with the 3x. Most of them suck, but a "few" of them (higher priced ones of course) would work.



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Owning a 3X, placement is something to consider. Ideally it and the "lower rotor" should be the same place or close. The 3X is designed to go on top of something, but some surfaces like the top of some powered speakers won't work. I had to put a board between the 3X and my powered 15".


I don't know if I agree with Mike. Yes, the KB amps do suck for full range sounds. As a lower rotor only, they can be alright. Maybe a better option is one of the full range units that some here use like Accugroove.

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I set my Pro3TM on top of my SKB rack, which gave me a bit of trouble. There are ridges on the top of the rack used for stacking, and they're exactly the wrong place for the rails at the bottom of the Pro3. I had to reposition the rack contents so it would be upside down,. Otherwise there was no way to get the Pro3 level.


My preferred positioning is to have the Pro3 at the height that the top horn would be, and the lows down where the rotor would be positioned. I can't always get it there, but at least I try.




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Hmm, the trouble is, being in the UK, I have no where near the brand name opportunities you guys in the US have. I thought if I got a full range unit it would save me having to take my SRM350 for the other sounds as well.


I take the point of the 2121, and to be fair I was contemplating getting the new mk2, but it's very expensive compared to the 3X, not to mention heavier with a lot of controls I just won't need or use. Plus I'm pining for a Kurz PC3 so the 3X is a nice price.


Anyway, like I say, is there really any need for a 15" woofer? I won't be playing pedals.


If I do go a bass amp route, surely something comparable output wise would be fairly cheap, maybe even practice bass amps (do they exist?)


As the 3X is only 45 watts there's no point going overkill on the bottom. Maybe it'd be worth going over to the bass forum. I did go over to the guitar forum once........remember that scene from Star Wars in the bar?


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Have you tried the 2121 MK2? I think you might like it more than the 3x. A friend of mine tried it and he said he it was loud enough for a small room.


Another guy I talked to said he just uses behringer ($) amp for the woofers.


I tried the older 2121 w/ an XK1 and thought it sounded pretty good.







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I used the Pro 3 for several years with full range speakers. I highly recommend you get a full range speaker(s) that would also give you the piano sound (and any other sounds you might use)to your satisfaction. No sense in limiting yourself. Unless you hardly use your piano, and/or are not as concerned about the piano sound compared to the organ, get the best full range you can get. IIRC, it didn't make a sigificant difference what amp/speaker was used when speaking strictly of the organ sound coming through the Pro3 and separate speaker for the low end. Okay, I didn't explain it well, but hope you get the drift.


As to needing a 15", again this is subjective. I did have a 15" three way system at that time, but I don't think it's necessary based on the requirements you provided.


What about a couple smallish 12" full range speakers like the QSC K12? Even just one. Put it on a stand at it's lowest level and put the Pro3 on top to get the high rotor up so it can be heard. I'm sure you'd have enough bass for most situations.


Good luck.

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I built a cabinet out of a crate kb-160 with a 15" (L channel) and an 8" (R channel) in front; a 10" (R channel) firing out of the left side as you face the amp, and an 8" (L channel) firing out of the right side. Each Eminence woofer has its own tweeter above the speaker. the crossovers are in the cab. I drive it with a Crown power amp running at 4 ohms about 300 watts a channel. I feed the pro3x sim output and the alternate sim mix output through a small stereo mixer. I get plenty low end. IMO you need lots of low end power to make the pro3x sound right. I run the digital piano through the mixer, too. I think with that power the pro3x sounds very good. I do not look for rotary speakers or off the shelf sims any more. If you do not want to go to all that trouble, try one of the Motion Sound KB500 amps, or I bet a big Barbetta would sound good, too.
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I have to factor in weight, I have an eye condition which doesn't like high blood pressure spikes when lifting a big weight, wish I was healthier but gotta work with what I got.


Maybe I could try my SRM350 although at 10" I'm not sure how the bass will transfer.



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