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Motif XS7 meets Digital Performer 5.13


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It's nice to discover things that make your work flow easier and more pleasurable, and this is truly one of them.


I finally got around to testing out the Remote functionality of the Motif XS controlling DP. This was a function I thought was going to be another unused feature when I first read thru the manual :bor: .


I was wrong. While it might not readily replace a dedicated control surface, I found myself navigating around DP directly from the Motif board for basic play, record and transport controls, fader levels and mutes (groups of 8), save, undo and other things I commonly use to track :cool:.


If you have a Motif and haven't tried it out with your DAW (it supports PT, DP, Logic, Cubase and Sonar) it's worth the effort to see what this does :thu:.

Yamaha (Motif XS7, Motif 6, TX81Z), Korg (R3, Triton-R), Roland (XP-30, D-50, Juno 6, P-330). Novation A Station, Arturia Analog Experience Factory 32


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