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For you KC area wankers....


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I'm sponsoring a jazz/western swing jam at Jardine's, THE local jazz hotspot, on Monday 26th at 7pm. Some great local players....particularly the pedal steel guy...Russ Wever. Also, we have Landy Ewing on bass( he'll be playing one of mine )...Landy is as good as it gets. He's a first call tour player and has been out on several national tours with top billed acts.


We'll have two guitar chairs open, and I'll have four or five instruments on display.


Should be a fun evening.



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I could probably make it that night, but I'm not real Western swing knowledgeable. I could probably get through "San Antonio Rose" or "Roly-Poly," maybe even "Straighten up and Fly Right", but that's about all of it I can claim to be familiar enough with to name. I can jam with anything, really, as long as I don't have to carry the song. But I don't want to look like an idiot, either.


Have to think about that one...

Always remember that you�re unique. Just like everyone else.




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Well...you don't HAVE to jam....but we'll have some great local players....since I've been in KC, I've gotten to know Rod Fleeman...who backs up Diane Schur(sp?) and Karn Alyson...he worked both Lincoln Center and the Blue Note in NYC a couple of weeks ago. I'm working on him to show up. And one of the GREATEST guitarists I've ever heard...a local barber...Jim Lowher. This guy is as good as it gets. I've never heard any guitarist any better. This jam promises to be steel guitar heaven, too...one of my good buddies here knows every steeler between Columbia MO and Topeka KS...and claims they will all be here.


I can't affor to do it regular, yet. Maybe once every three months this first year. But for those of you who like straight ahead jazz...and aren't familiar with what can be accomplished with the pedal steel...you're in for a treat.

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