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Need Bass Player for Alternative Rock Virtual Collaboration


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I am collaborating with a lead/rhythm guitarist and drummer on about 10 alternative rock tracks. Our bass player had to back out due to personal reasons, so we are now auditioning for a new bass player to join the team. We are looking to bring into the collaboration a kickazz bassist who has the ability to record bass at a professional quality level. Below are links to 4 of our current tracks at various stages of production. The existing bass on the tracks would need to be replaced with your new bass tracks. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!!!















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Do you want someone Virtual, or are you expecting them to join you in New York to perform in real life?


Virtual is a great idea. I expect you'll have quite a few people from here having a go. Would be good if you could post mp3s without bass as well then you would get a more original bass line.

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These days, it's not hard to record by sending files back and forth by email and I have done that. Actually a lot of my recording in the last few years is virtually virtual because I'm the only one in the studio when I play my part.


I notice that many name players are doing sessions by email these (I'm only a name player to those people who know my name. ;) )


However, if you have a band and expect to perform live, maybe you should be seeking a New York player so they would be available to play a show after the recording is finished.

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