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OT - Dream Theater's Progressive Nation @ Forest National


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Hey gang,


Went to see Dream Theater's Progressive Nation tour yesterday. Had two tickets but the guy I bought the second ticket for bailed on me, so I took my dad with me instead :)


First up was some local (I think) band called UNEXPECT or Unexpected. We missed most of their set, save for 1.5 songs. It was some sort of death folk metal that I really didn't care much for. Most distinguishing feat (aside from sucking) this band had, was a skirted bass player who played an 8- or 9-string bass (not octave strings).


Next up was BIGELF, whom have been severely hyped on the Uriah Heep mailing list, so my expectations were high. They were not met, however. The band opened promisingly with a song called "The Evils of Rock'n'Roll" or something similar, but their set was plagued by Hammond issues, bass amplifier issues, overly loud guitar (which drowned out the Hammond, when it worked) and an overall severe lack of groovy songs. I was, to say the least, very disappointed. The band also lacked any form of stage presence between songs, making it come across a bit amateurish.


Third on the bill was OPETH, and what can I say ? This is an incredibly tight band, and Mikael Åkerfeldt (spelling?) was in an incredibly talkative mood. They opened with a very slow, Pink Floyd-esque song. Unfortunately I'm not too acquainted with their repertoire so cannot comment on the set list. My dad, who is not a fan of the cookie monster vocal style, was nonetheless impressed.


After a short break, Dream Theater finally hit the stage. They opened with "A Nightmare To Remember" off the new "Black Clouds & Silver Linings" album, playing behind a curtain for a few bars, to great dramatic effect. The sound was spot on, you could even distinguish bass notes for a change !! This is a strong opening track and they followed it up strongly with The Mirror / Lie, which for me was the highlight of the evening, as Awake is still my favourite album.


From recollection, here is the set list:


A Nightmare To Remember

The Mirror / Lie

keyboard solo

Sacrificed Sons

A Rite Of Passage


The Spirit Carries On

As I Am




The Count Of Tuscany


I may have missed one or two songs, but I do believe the above to be correct. I will be the first to admit that, even though I really do not like the new album, the three songs they played live really went over well and sounded very much like vintage D.T. Very noticeable from this set list was that all songs have a (moderately) strong chorus, enabling the audience to sing along. On a final note, I must say that I have seen Dream Theater 4 or 5 times now, and they never sounded more tight and focussed than last night.

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Glad you enjoyed the show. Interesting that the opening acts (as a whole) didn't seem to measure up.


I have had very limited exposure to DT. I'll have to listen again, and I'll use your songlist - chorus that can be remembered and sung is probably a safer way for me to get started.




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Hey rizzo, funny you should say that. I loathe about the entire "Octavarium" album - probably their weakest effort ever, including everything on "Falling Into Infinity" - and "The Count Of Tuscany" is for me the weak point of an already rather feeble album, i.e. "Black Clouds & Silver Linings". That's just my opinion, though. YMMV :thu:

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funny how the set list is the same as the one for their previous album bar the first tracks and the last one.




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