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Help with stuff!! need help!!


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Just kidding. It's Friday and the workday is winding down... I've got the night off and I'm trying to stay entertained.


I hope this doesn't get me banninated.


I wish everybody great gigs this weekend! Tomorrow I play a block party (my block) and later in the day a "Festival of Beers". Yay beer!





Stuff and things.
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Mmm, festival of beers!


I had a nice little early-evening gig last night. My favorite local beer, Wolaver's, was on tap! I tried travelling light, bringing only two keyboards, no mixer, and playing in mono. I liked the quick setup, but I missed my sample-mangler, and my lack of control over my monitor made me nervous.


Tonight it's another early gig, at a private party. It should be fun. I'm bringing the full rig.

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