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Radio Friendly Song

Dave Horne

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His rap song is even more hilarious:



PS He's from Montreal!


This is actually pretty funny!


What, the video, or the fact that he is from Montreal?

"It is a danger to create something and risk rejection. It is a greater danger to create nothing and allow mediocrity to rule."

"You owe it to us all to get on with what you're good at." W.H. Auden


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On the "funny" scale, this stuff pales in comparison to Andy Samberg's stuff from Saturday Night Live.


Three absolute classics (the latter two with Justin Timberlake):


Lazy Sunday


D**k In A Box






Never cared too much for the SNL stuff. A matter of taste..

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Love it! :love: Especially that little interlude - ' unoriginal melody '.


Here's a couple of Youtube videos I stumbled accross recently. I know this is kind of OT to the original post, but they are funny youtube vids, so at least there's that connection. Warning: elevated political incorrectness levels:



And finally, a long-awaited Keith Jarrett shred:



SNL did have some occasional funny stuff, but I was a big SCTV fan here, which I know is pretty obscure now.

Me too, major props for SCTV. :thu: I wish the remaining SCTV bunch would do a movie. A lot of other old tv shows have had tribute movies made about them, why not SCTV?





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I guess I've never understood what's so wrong with a song that people like to listen to.


Maybe it's that I listen to everything from Mozart to Metallica,

and Kleinheinz to Kiss.


I like deep meaning songs as well as "bubble gum fluff" on the radio.






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