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Played my new V22 at rehearsal last night for the first time


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DAMN, that's a great sounding amp!! Didn't have the geetar quite dimed, never had to take it out of triode mode, didn't have the mid boost on, had the clean level at 8, never took the master volume past 5, and I stand right next to the drummer!!! That amp is as warm as fuzzy bunny slippers and yet my bass player could hear it just fine on the other side of the drummer with one vocal monitor in front of him and one behind him and the amp was not mic'd... Simply astounding especially when you consider the price...
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Puts the promotional mp3-clip to shame, huh? :thu::D:cool:


lightbulb.gif Try this, Boggs: experiment with setting the amp louder and more overdriven than you intend to play, roll your guitars volume-control down, and bring it up till it's as loud and clear as you want to be for clean and "rhythm" playing; then bring it up to taste for boosted "leads" and fills, from clean to various amounts of overdrive.


I've found that some tube-amps give up a wonderful fat, full, warm clean-tone that way, as well as pouring out dynamically-responsive degrees of overdrive as you bring up the guitar's volume-knob.

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