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Cool new avant-jazz video series


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I picked up a couple of DVD's of the Freedom Now Collection, a series of new live performance DVD's from the French La Huit label, and I'm really impressed. I got the Mathew Shipp Trio/DJ Spooky disc, and one by Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet, with Vijay Iyer on keys. Great performances, and really nice, multi-camera shoots, very well edited. The filming really puts you in the middle of the performance, I've seen very few jazz performance DVD's that are this well done.


Iyer plays a Steinway, Rhodes and (I think) a micro-korg on the Smith disc, he's been a really interesting player to me, and in this setting, he seems a little more blues-rooted and less abstract than on his own. Some of it sounds like a more outward leaning late-60's Miles band. The rest of the band is Smith on trumpet, John Lindberg on acoustic bass and Ronald Shannon Jackson on drums.


I know a lot of you guys are not into the DJ thing, but the Shipp/DJ Spooky disc is pretty cool, Shipp's acoustic trio with William Parker on acoustic bass plus DJ Spooky on turntables. It's a collaboration that works pretty well, and Shipp can be a very powerful player.


Anyway, it's great stuff if you're into the more avant edge of stuff.

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It's a keeper

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I'd love to see the Shipp/DJ Spooky thing. I'm into Djs playing with bands -actually when my band started 9 yerast ago we had a Dj who used to spin vinlys in 9/8 and 7/8 grooves. Very interesting what a good Dj can achieve with a band

Thanx for the post, i'll check the french company out


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