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Searching for D.Lindleys string gauges GuitarPlayer 80th


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Hi folks,

as everytime you throw away something, you need it two weeks later. I gave away all my guitarplayer magazines from the 80th to a guy I cannot contact anymore.

There was a magazine where David Lindley gave an interview. (I'm not shure if he was on the cover as I owned a frets magazine with him) He talked about the special gauges he uses on his "strange" guitars. I used this combination on my "stangers". The years went by as my guitar collection. Some weeks ago I want to try out his string sets, but I cannot find the piece of paper where I wrote it down.


Is anybody out there who could help me on this topic? The magazine must be around 1985??

And the string-gauges I look for are for his Electric guitars. Heavy on low E (058) and 012 on high E but I'm not shure.


Thanks in advance


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Bump means he is "bummping" the topic back up into view, so it doesn't fall too far down the page.


I looked through my old magazines, but unfortunately, I do not have the one you are looking for.


However, a lot of guys have magazines, going back years. Certainly someone will have the info you are looking for, just give it time for folks to look.


Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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I almost certainly had the issue, past-tense, but... well, they're mostly gone due to an unfortunate accident. I can picture a photo of him in the article wearing a bizarre get-up; I think there was a small picture of him included on the cover of that issue, but I can't recall who/what was the main feature on the cover, though...

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