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Fingers hurting during Casio PX-120 session

marcus r

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Thought I share on a recent experience. I know this topic has been discussed to some extent previously.


Went to a small rehersal session last night. The place had a Casio PX-120 DP set up. I had no excessively bad feelings towards it at start. One tune later, my actual finger joints started hurting. Now, I've been playing keys ("semi-professionally") on a daily basis for the last 30 years or so. Classical, jazz, soul etc.. Never happened before.


My thouhts are that the keybed gives a somwhat nice resistance at soft touch, then suddenly when you start trying to express yourself on the Casio it shows no mercy when the keys hit the keybed with no damping what so ever. I survived by the straight-out-no-bending-of-fingers technique...


I think I saw here comments on the Yam. S90-line balanced hammer action also having hard bottom-out. Any thoughts?


/ marcus

Yamaha P-150, Motif Rack XS, Roland MV-8800
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