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Giving away a rig to a kid -- cool story.


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Well, I've decided what to with that spare rig I have. But there's a real cool story here.


For those of you just joining our program, a few weeks ago a keyboard player named Ted I know from church said, "Hey, Jay, I got this bass speaker thing in my garage -- I don't want it -- will you take it and do something with it?"


That "bass speaker thing" turned out to be a Hartke HA3500 amp and 4.5XL cab -- nice rig all the way around. I ran it through its paces, and it's in perfect working order.


Frankly, though, I already have all the gear I need and don't like to have a lot of extra stuff laying around. So I had to figure out what to do with it. Since my friend gave it to me for nothing, I didn't feel right about selling it.


So I decided I would find a worthy kid -- someone coming up who is playing a lot and could use a step up in the gear department -- and give it to him. I thought about how much that would have meant to me when I was 16 or 17.


After a lot of thought, I chose a kid named Doug -- I know his parents well, his mom's a crackerjack drummer I love to play with. Nice kid, playing in church and a local band, great attitude, could really use a bigger rig.


Wednesday, I was at a meeting at church and afterward I planned to tell Ted what I was going to do, to make sure he approved. As I started across the room toward, Doug's Dad intercepted me.


He said he realized Doug needed a bigger amp to play the gigs he was doing with his band, and he decided to buy one for him for graduation in the spring. He asked if I would advise him on what to buy.


I held my tongue about my plan and said I'd be glad to help him out. Then I went and filled in Ted, who said this was obviously meant to be.


I talked to Doug's Dad on the phone last night and told him the whole story. Said the amp is his for Doug if he wants it. I said that Ted and I don't want any money, and that if he insists on paying for it he should write a check to the church or whatever worthy cause he wants.


Pretty cool how that all worked out, no?

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Way cool story. It's awesome how things work out like that.

I hope the kid gets plenty of good use out of it, and you know it will come back around to you eventually, even though that wasn't your intent.



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Way cool! I cannot imagine how the kid must have felt! That's a pretty decent rig for anyone, let alone a step up on that kid's career! I am sure he will be grateful for years to come! Two thumbs up! :thu::thu:

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That's a step cooler than what I've got going on. I put in my will that my musical gear will be donated to a local school. Family gets first dibs on the Lake Placid Blue Musicmaster bass, but the rest goes to the schools if they want it.


But again, your setup is cooler. 'Cause I'm going to have to die before you can pry those sweet basses from my grimy hands.

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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I think it's still going to be a graduation gift for Doug, athough maybe an early one -- after all, if his Dad pays for it, he can claim it as his gift (even if the money doesn't go to Ted or me.)


Right now, it's all between Ted, Mike (Doug's Dad) and me, so no one else knows what the deal is.


I'd be very content if it works out that way.

"Tours widely in the southwestern tip of Kentucky"
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I did the same with a youngster in GA.


A poster at the old DudePit knew of a young player at his church who wanted to play bass. A few of us donated a bass, cab, strings, and odds and ends. The poster has kept us up to date on his progress and desire to continue with his work/studies.


Not a day goes by, that I don't think about him.


Good for you, and I hope you get to see/hear the results.




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Right now, it's all between Ted, Mike (Doug's Dad) and me, so no one else knows what the deal is....


Except us at the Lowdown ;)


It's great how things worked out to where you guys could be a blessing for this aspiring young musician. Very cool.

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