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Ever heard of JHS Pedals


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Check it out


The more he practiced, the better he got, and he was finally able to go full-time with his own pedal-making and modifying business, JHS Pedals, a few years ago. Scott has made pedals for the likes of the Black Crowes, Switchfoot, Dashboard Confessional and Wavorly, a Christian band based out of Tupelo, as well as a host of session players.


Good for him :thu:

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Cool subject, poorly written article- he'd do well to have better PR work done on his behalf! As you say, good for him, and thanks for the link, Bill! :cool:


Ya got me curious, so I looked 'em up and went to the JHS Pedals 'site.


Nice range of thoughtfully done, enhanced and improved meat-and-potatoes types designed and made with a personal touch, and that's a good thing. Not always the same-old-same-old, either. Looks to be interesting, good stuff.

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