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HEADPHONES for digital Piano/Keyboard


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I assume you meant Sony MDR-7506. If so, +1 for me.


Great value. Had mine for years and still love them. Comfortable and low fatigue on the ears. Plus they fold up in a small pouch.


You'll notice these a lot on photos and videos of pro studios.

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The SONY's are a good set of headphones, however I switched to the Senn HD280's after 2 pairs fell apart on me. They just couldn't handle my typical abuse. The 280's have held together for a year and a half and show no signs of wear and tear. I'm very happy with the HD280's. For your parameters you won't find a better set of phones IMHO. By the way shop around, I've seen them as low as $79 with free shipping. I really should pick up a couple of pair for extra's.
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No, I meant MDR-V6. The MDR-7506 are essentially identical except they cost $20-30 more and have a better warranty. 7506 has a gold plug and a sticker that says "professional." Both are great headphones. For differences, see





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