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Questions for Receptor community


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I am considering purchasing a Receptor C. The purpose is primarily live use, but it will also be used in my studio as additional processing muscle for my PC.


For now, the 2 gig RAM should suit me just fine. However - I am concerned about running out of HD space. I am also considering moving to a Pro Tools setup in my studio.So - here are the questions.


Is HDD a user-upgradeable part in a Receptor?


With all the USB connectivity, can an external HDD be utilized for sample storage? (if not - why the USB jacks overload?


I understand that OS 1.8 is out in beta, and supports PT. IF anyone is using this, is it behaving?


If these questions have been asked and answered previously I apologize. I tried serching the forum, but the 100-result limit didn't reveal anything.

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