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EV SxA360 vs. QSC K12?


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Anyone had a chance to A/B these two sets of speakers yet?


I listened to the K12s in my local GC last week and was impressed with their power and response, but I would welcome others' opinions, especially if anyone has had a chance to compare them side-by-side to the EVs.


My planned usage would be PA mains (carrying mostly vocals), not keyboard monitors, if it makes a difference.


By the way, I also listened to the K8s and was blown away by the bass response on such a small speaker (even though it paled in comparison to K12, not surprisingly). That said, when I listened to the K8s with the QSC K-Sub, there was way too much "separation" between the sub and K8 for my taste. Thus, I couldn't see pairing the 8s with the sub for any purpose.


On the other hand, when the sub was paired with the K12s, the combo sounded boomy. The latter issue may well be solvable with some EQ, but it did make me wonder whether the K10s aren't the "Goldilocks" solution (just right). Unfortunately, GC didn't have any of the 10s on hand for me to listen to. :(



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I love the sound of my EVs, especially in the wedge position (the original intended use), for my vocal.


All the singers that hear them has monitors say...ooo, that sounds good! I don't think they're used to that quality of monitor on a regular pickup gig around town.


Has mains on a stick in a full band, large room format, they're very good, not great. (better than a Mackie 450 ?---most definitely!) I don't feel they have the throw of a JBL EON15, but then again, that's a bigger speaker/box. For smaller rooms they're really great for Jazz trio + singer. Has always your application would figure into it. But again, HIGHLY recommended has vocal monitors.


Haven't heard the QSCs yet.



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Thanks for the report on the 8s. Considering a pair for solo work and for my band, where we only put vocals and keys through anyway in a relatively low-volume setting.

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Hey Montunoman, aren't you in the Dallas area? I have a pair of the EV's (and actually thinking about buying a pair of the K8s.) You are welcome to stop by and give the EVs a listen. PM me...
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That's strange; around here it's the opposite. I see QSC amps but not monitors, and E/V monitors are easy to spot (though not as much so as JBL's).


The Traynor K12, on the other hand, is something that I only see at AES and NAMM. :-) I guess each region is different...

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