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Combo amp speaker isolation.


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You steared me towards a head switcher so I could run my two amps together into one speaker cabinet. I got one and it works great! thanks. Now I would like to isolate the speaker in the combo amp so I can use it through the switcher.

My question is; do I need to install a resistor or something to the wires coming from the combo amp to the speakers? When I use the switcher now with a seperate speaker cab, and switch from the head amp to the combo I still get output through the combo amps speaker.



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You connect the outputs of both of the two amps to the switcher-


(I see that, apparently, you're using the Radial Headbone switcher)


-and connect the switcher's output to the one speaker you want to use.


*You may need to have a speaker-cable with a 1/4" plug on one end, and the other end soldered or securely clipped to the terminals of the speaker(s) in the combo-amp cabinet, if that's the speaker that you want to use for both amps.*


Then you just use the switcher to switch between one amp, and the other, one at a time, playing through that speaker that's connected to the switcher.




You cannot also switch different speakers (if that's what you mean here), unless you also have a special speaker-switcher (Radial also makes these) connected in-between the amp-switcher and the speakers.

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