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Reading CD Text from Disc


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ah i see. WMP should read this, remember its not the cd itself that has to have said metadata but the songs themselves, in windows for instance, if you right click and properties into a song you can see / edit said data,


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That's a good question...I also have the same problem. After burning a CD that includes text, the text won't show up when the disc is played in my PC. It does show up, however, on my CD player and my car CD player. Anyone know what's up with this?
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Check out winamp or nero I am pretty sure they do. I normally burn them but do not normally play them on the computer but rather my home stereo or car.


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CD Text information (according to Red Book Standard) is stored before the first audio portion of the disk. Interactive Text Transmission is the data standard, and it is NOT supported by all readers. So it is possible that your PC will never recognize such data, no matter how you write it. (Unless you know already that your reader works with CD Text, because you've ripped a CD in something like Windows Media Player and it copied the information correctly.)


In terms of good writers, check Fiero (commonly found in a lot of studios using banks of burners, but their single burner is free); and XP Burner Pro, and DeepBurner. I do not know if any of these support CD Text, but they are all free and are all pretty nice.

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