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Judas Priest Tour


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Saw, heard and felt the show from JP at the Nokia center in Grand Prairie, TX on Thursday night.


Definitely worth the $$$.


Whitesnake, the scheduled opener, couldn't perform due to David Coverdale being ill.


Pop Evil was the band that stepped up. Replacing a band with 20 years of history and fanbase behind it is pretty tough, especially when you're a young band. Still, they were game, and put on a good show in front of a potentially hostile audience. Their sound was like an updated version of L.A. Guns mixed with early Cult...at least to me. The lead singer and his bandmates bounced around with energy typical of their youth.


JP was a different show entirely.


They're touring on the strength of the 30th anniversary of their album British Steel, along with the popularity of their current release, Nostradamus.


And they do not disappoint.


For the first song, Rob stood at the center front of the stage, frozen like a statue as he curled his body around his mike, blistering the paint off the walls with his vox. As they continued, he uncoiled, and began to stalk the stage like a caged tiger.


It may have been the loudest concert I've ever attended. Even with my rifleman's plugs in, I experienced a day's worth of fuzz. I'm pretty sure Ozzy heard the show. I was 20 rows back in a sea of standing humanity, and still my pants rippled with every bass drumbeat.


2 studded-leather gloved thumbs up!

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