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Buy a D-70 if you could?


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I came across one at a pretty good price, and have a fair idea what it is and what it isn't from online research. I know it's not a D-50, but the idea of 76 keys and a resonant filter sounds pretty interesting. I really don't have anything like it in my collection. Any owners past or present with any advice?







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No. Not to play.


The synth engine actually slows down if you over burden it. (LFO's slow down) LA synthesis, but none of the spark of a D50.


Some decent samples and sound design in there for an ancient, limited synth. It's more than a general midi piece. I dunno if Eric Persing worked on this. For example, I like a couple of the pads and the lyle mays flutey lead better than I do the JV/XP versions. But there's nothing you couldn't patch up quickly on a recent rompler.

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I almost bought that when it was new. But it was discontinued and I ended up getting a JV-30. The JV-30 IS an SC-55 sound canvas in keyboard form. If I'm not mistaken, I think the D-70 was more like a 76-key version of a U-20 than a D-50. I believe it had some bugs with the user interface as well.



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I would buy it for it's 4 x part multi-timbrality more than anything.

I used 2 x S700 series Roland samplers, and 2 x shoebox sized 1GB HDD's back in '93 and the D70 was the only keyboard I used then.

It was a cheezy Casino Lounge gig where Stevie Ray & ZZ Top ruled, so the B3 type stuff and synths weren't really necessary.

Also the Piano was O.K. for back then, but making your own sounds using 4 partials is a nice way to get D50 sounds.

But as the chap above said it was a 76 keyed U20 with some extra sounds from Canvas.

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I used to want the D-70...it was rare to find a good 76-hey board in that time. I would buy it if only to have a batch of classic Roland sounds AND an functional 76-key board with good action I can use with a more modern module.

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