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Is anyone using a rack-mounted mac-clone?


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I'm looking for a rack-mounted mac for live use running Logic or MainStage. The current Xserve doesn't seem an option due to the lack of PCI-extreme audio cards for the Mac and I'd prefer a PCI card than USB/firewire.


Is anyone using an older Xserve for live use or has successfully built a rack-mounted mac-clone?


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I have been tossing the idea around too, especially if VE Pro and Snow Leopard come out smokin'.

I have a friend who bought a MacPro and then put it in a 4U ATX that was made for EATX motherboards.

He uses 2 x PC slaves for streaming and 64 channels of SMUX live. It's a pretty impressive rig and everything is faked ( sequenced )but it does sound and work well.

I prefer PC's live as I have seen nightmares on stage with Macs & Logic more than a few times. But I don't use software sequencers live, just hardware. That's mostly because of MIDI controlled light and hardware effects too. Dimmers and faders need seriously high resolution that hardware has. 384ppq is just not that great and I still haven't found a soft sequencer that can output large amounts of external MIDI while running it's own VSTi's and effects.

I think it would be easy to take a MacPro apart and stuff it into a 4U ATX.


Good Luck and let us know how it works if you do it.



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