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Guitar Rig Mobile 3 From Native Instruments


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Back in May 2009 I purchased a Epiphone Les Paul custom. And I got a Guitar Rig Mobile free. While I was waiting for it to be mailed to me I visited the Native Instruments website to lern more about this product before it arrived. My opinon from the website was that if this thing does half of what it say's it does than I will be happy. When I recieved it I loaded it into my computer and pluged in my guitar and was blown away. It is simple to use. Has great sound comeing out of my speakers and has alot of options. The duel recording tape decks has made recording my ideas earier than ever. I can't say enough about this product. I am very pleased
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Hey, glad that you liked it so well, thanks for the report; and welcome to the GPF, cbgb64! (Or should I call you Glen?)


What all styles of music are you into, what styles and kinds of sounds do you play most on guitar, and what other gear have you got? Amp, pedals?

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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Weird, I got this product in May 2009 for my B-day!


It's a great product, however, I just record from audacity because I kinda find the amp simulators cheesy.


Anyways, it's only $100, it records in high quality audio, and anybody who wants to start recording guitar should check this thing out!


(Works great also as a sound playback device, considering my old one broke and now I use guitar rig as a sound playback device)

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