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Roland Juno Di versus Korg M50


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Taking out the obvious advantages of the touch screen and sequencer - in terms of useable bread and butter live sounds have Roland pulled the rug from under Korg's entry level synth?


Here in the UK the Di is retailing at HALF the price of the Korg (£469 v £869).


Anyone tried the Roland versus the Korg?



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I haven't played the Juno Di, but I have the Juno D (brand new 18m ago), and, going from that, the 'Di' would have to be

ten times better than the 'D' to even be half as good as the M50!


Also just to point out - Korgs 'entry-level' synth is the X50, which costs approx £560 in the UK - full RRP.

I was lucky enough to get mine for £300, 2m old, off ebay.


(Notice I don't even list the Juno D as part of my gear - that's how poor it is in relation to my other stuff).




some stuff on myspace


Nord: StageEX-88, Electro2-73, Hammond: XK-1, Yamaha: XS7

Korg: M3-73 EXpanded, M50-88, X50, Roland: Juno D, Kurzweil: K2000vp.

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The soundset in the Di IS indeed ten times better than the 'D'...it's completely different in fact, derived from the Fantom G series.


The pianos in particular are very useable, as are the strings. I know this because I have owned the original Juno D, and agree it's almost obselete now.


Here's a sonicstate review, for anyone who's interested:







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I was never impressed with the build quality of the lower-end Roland keyboards. They seem fragile to me... I played a Juno-G awhile back and the display was totally whacked and the knobs felt cheap.
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