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New Toy


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Just picked up a Danelectro Chili dog Octave pedal for 10 bucks off of a guy on Craiglist.


I love Craigslist.


I used to own one but sold it when i was really hurtin for cash. But for 10 bucks I just had to add it back into my arsenal. I have a really complicated signal chain now.


Bass> Octave pedal >amp. ;)


If any of you are looking for a super cheap way to add some low end rumble to your sound I definitely recommend this little guy. I use it mostly to add beef to solos and melodies in the mid-upper register on my 6 string. I have also owned the Boss OC-2 and the Dano tracks nicer IMO.

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Some of those Dano pedals are actually pretty decent for the price... surprisingly so IMHO. Great for filling out a pedal board on a budget.





Aerodyne Jazz Deluxe

Pod X3 Live

Roland Bolt-60 (modified)

Genz Benz GBE250-C 2x10

Acoustic 2x12 cab


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I collect the full-sized, steel cased Dano pedals. So far I have the basic set: Cool Cat, Fab Tone, Daddy-O, DanEcho. These are surprisingly good quality pedals.

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