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Where is the magazine on-line content hidden?


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Every major article in this month's issue of BP has a blurb about getting more info on-line to supplement what was in print. Well, either I'm really bad at finding stuff their site or they have done a really cool job of hiding this extra content. Can anyone tell me how to find it? Thanks.

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Hey Guys,


Depends on what you're looking for. Magazine content is scheduled to go live on the BassPlayer.com site on the 1st of each issue's newsstand date (so August issue content went live this past Saturday 8/1 at midnight).


Video and audio extras are a bit more of a crap-shoot, though having said that, there IS a concerted effort on the part of the editors (all two of them) to make sure the extra media stuff gets posted in a timely manner.


It hasn't been officially announced yet, but we're about two weeks away from launching an all-new BassPlayer.com site, complete with integrated video. So the BassPlayer.tv site will be going away and all that video content will be available through the main BassPlayer.com site, in a Video section, and embedded in the story content itself (here's a test of the video component on the current site: http://www.bassplayer.com/article/bogdon-box-bass/Jan-08/32919).


I'm sure there will be a big announcement when everything is up and running, but I just wanted to give you guys a sneak preview.




Web Director, NewBay Media. msidman@nbmedia.com
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