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Have anyone used the Korg D1200 mkii?


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Have anyone used the Korg D1200 mkii? I've seen it in a store in NYC and thought about purchasing it as an external hard disk recorder. Is this a good hard disk recorder for keyboard systems?

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I assume it's a used unit... the D1200mkII was discontinued quite awhile ago. Here's some info about it:


The Korg D1200mkII 12-Track Digital Recorder is a complete studio with all the features you need to produce a polished CD. Included are a dedicated guitar input, high-quality mic preamps, 4-track simultaneous record, high-performance 24-bit audio resolution, full-featured mixing section with automation, abundant effects including sophisticated REMS modeling, flexible track editing, high-capacity 40GB hard drive, USB connector, and an internal CD-RW burner that writes at 16X, rewrites at 10X. You can use three different effects processors simultaneously to achieve the sound you want, and take advantage of visual waveform editing to precision-sculpt your audio. Internal processing of up to 96 tracks is handled at 32-bits for pro quality. 12-track simultaneous playback.


I've owned a D1600MKII for several years now and like it--it's held up well and does a great job. If you prefer a stand-alone mixer/recorder over a computer DAW, it's a good choice.

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