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Trilok + Joe = speechless

mate stubb

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Love the solo sound at ~4:10. That's the Prophet T8, right?


Joe is playing on the T8, but take into account that with that big custom MIDI switch box, he could control any sound source with any controller with just a few turns of a knob.

That sound, however, could very well come from the T8 itself.

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Great on many levels...


I saw Trilok with John McLaughlin and Jonas Hellborg a few years ago. Half the drummers in Orlando were there (and there are some really top notch drummers in this town.) Afterwards, most of them were walking around in a daze, thrumbing at their lips with their forefingers. A couple of them went outside and threw up. Yes, Trilok made quite an impression here :)



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Wow. Incredible stuff. I really dig the sound Joe is playing around 5:25. And I wish the video quality was high enough to see what his fingers are doing between 8:00 and 8:20! There's a good closeup of his hands there, but it's all pixelated, can't really see anything. That's some fast action on that keybed, at any rate.



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