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Logic Studio 9: Mainstage 2 & Guitar Gear


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Apple recently announced Logic Studio 9 and has been hyping Mainstage 2, a live performance software FX rack, as well as Amp Designer and Pedalboard, software guitar FX roughly equivalent to IK Multimedia's Amplitube and Native Instruments' Guitar Rig:




I wanted to get a reality check here as to how useful guitarists find tools like this. Do you/would you use this type of software, or is this just computer geek stuff. I'm not a guitarist, but I've gotten good advice in the past here on guitar-related questions.

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I can't tell you about the Logic offering, but Vandal is a part of the new Samplitude 11, and it is pretty impressive. NI has a guitar system. DSounds Guitar Player is nice, too. And the most popular, Amplitude, has several versions. And there are numerous VSTs for guitar...one that was being praised around here was something like Studio Devil or something...


That said, I've spent a lot of time and money building the perfect rig (well, more than one...) and I really do prefer real music played by real musicians in real time. As a guitar player, I prefer playing with a real amp and micing it. I get much more satisfaction doing so. But that is my 'old fart' paradigm, and I have no doubt that a younger guy might not see it the same way, as his life experience is different. I hear a really big difference among various humbucking pickups. I hear a really big difference among amplifiers, and a Crate, Traynor, Peavey, etc will NOT suit my needs. A Hamer or Charvel or Yamaha will NOT replace my guitars. Boss and Adam pedals sound like shit next tot he Fulltones and Analogmans and Keeleys of this world. So it is unlikely that I'll ever get a charge out of a software emulation of an amplifier and pedal board.



I use a couple of RPs (a 6 and a 300A) for convenience on occasion. I can see using the software plugs in Samplitude (well, I use Sequoia, same deal..) by just plugging into the front of my Fireface and selecting a software patch to do a quick down and dirty recording, or to drop something into some commercial piece that I don't really care about.


But then, on the RPs I took the time to write four of my own custom settings. I never tried to plow through the hundred plus presets already there, because 99% of them suck and are so far over the top as to make them unusable for me. Do I see myself scrolling throught he thousands of amp, cabinet,and pedal board emulations in software? Not a f$#@ing chance.



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Personally I find tools like this to be very useful for recording when in a lower budget smaller space where blasting real amps ain't practical. I just wish I had an Intel Mac right now - I'd be all over this Logic 9 upgrade.


NIN seems to be real committed to and enthusiastic about mainstage for their live thing too, according to a video interview I saw with Trent Reznor.

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