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Warbly, funky bass... but is it a synth?


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I've been trying to get my head around Jamiroquai's Canned Heat (on youtube:
) and I'm baffled by the bass sound. It *sounds* like a synth to me, but then the playing and phrasing does not sound as if it was played on keys. I've seen some live DVDs where the keyboard player throws in an occasional bass line from an Andromeda A6, but not always. So... if you listen around the 4:00 mark in the above link, where's that bass sound coming from?
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It's definitely played like a real bass. I think I even hear a little slap/pop going on in there between phrases. It could either be a heavily processed bass, a synth that he purposely phrased to sound like it was played on the bass, or a a blend of real bass and synth - don't know for sure. But it does sound like there's an octave on it.


You may want to post over on the Lowdown.



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To keep things balanced, I'll guess it's a synth. Legato and staccato alternating with a bit of portamento. I hear more of a family connection to Stevie's bass on boogie on reggae woman than to a bass guitar ...



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My guess is it's a bass guitar. Processed with some synth stomp pedal, or even midi'ed to a synth?


Or maybe it's written on a bass guitar and then played note by note on a synth?


I vote for a real guitar.

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