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Scarbee Sale


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just a heads up that Scarbee is once again having a sale through the 31st (40% off).


I own CEP and I am considering "KGB". Does anyone know what "crossgrade from VI" means. I'm wondering if I'm eligible for this discount because I already bought CEP.

I tried emailing Scarbee but it wasn't accepting the various passwords I tried logging in to his site. When I clicked "send new password", I got a message saying "new password could not be sent".

Also, when you click on the crossgrade to find out what it's about, it opens up info on one of the bass libraries......so his website seems a bit funky.

Anyone know if I would be eligible for the crossgrade price by already owning CEP? thanks

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Oh, didn't this get posted yet? Sorry; I could have sworn it was already posted here so didn't bring it up. Sale ends tomorrow. I took advantage of it to fill out my Scarbee keys and bass collection with Blue Bass. Haven't received links yet though.

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