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Technique Tip - Arm position - September 2009 issue


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hello, first I would like to say that I love bass player magazine!


I have a question about the arm position, I am guilty of resting my forearm on the body of the bass half the time, so I decided to become aware of when I do it and stop. Ive noticed so far that when I am sitting my shoulder becomes sore after a while. Is this normal? Is this because my shoulder is not used to the new position and has to build up to it, or is it something bad?


I'm not complaining about it, I just want to make sure I'm not hurting myself in a bad way.



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Which shoulder becomes sore? What is the angle of your bass when playing. When sitting, is the bass hanging from the strap, or are you resting it on your leg? Watch videos on YouTube of good bassists and gleen from them what a "normal" position is. There is nothing wrong with your forearm touching the body.


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Taking your arm off the bass will help as you have a say 7 - 10 lbs bass and a 10+ lbs arm hanging off a strap. That can get heavy.

My forearm is constantly on the body of my bass and it's never caused a problem. There's a difference between resting your arm there for a reference point and letting your arm hang there as dead weight. Don't let your arm weigh down the bass like b5pilot is talking about.

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Here it is:


Bass Position Research


You will note the poll was rather well populated and so this is serious research.


Also, you have to relax the RH side of your body whatever position you use if you are tense then this will show up after a while as an ache. R e l a x.



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