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RIP Larry The Cable Guy - Correction!


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a sad way to go.


It was a quick and easy way to go. Dying from 6 years of Chemo is a hard/sad way to go. Quick and easy is the way I want to go, not a sad/hard way suffering from some old age ailment.


So the quicker the better I say. He was lucky to get 'er done easy. (As long as he did not have to suffer long agony).


Anyways RIP Larry you amused me some of the time.

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OOOOPS! :rolleyes: The lack of a news item supports speculation that the corpse was misidentified. Apperently several fatalities occurred in that accident, and the firefighters on the scene confirmed one was Larry over their radio frequency. It now seems not to be the case. This appears to be the news item in question:

http://www.topix.com/state/tx-gov/2009/07/2-dead-sewage-spilled-in-texas-95-wreck - my apologies for running this misinformation...

Never a DUH! moment! Well, almost never. OK, OK! Sometimes never!
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I told the guys at the barber shop today what I had heard just to see if any of them heard it...I also told them not to quote me as I wasn't sure of the source (ie. this forum) but I'm glad it turned out for the best and I can take back my RIP wishes...thanks for the update...
Take care, Larryz
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