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Microphones for leslies


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I played a outdoor party this afternoon. It was a small party so we did not mic anything in the backline. Think the bass drums was the only thing that went throug the PA except for the vocal. The wind started blowing hard and I couldn't hear the leslie very well. The amplification I use for my stage piano is a power mixer with a big amp and 2 big 3 way speakers. I took a couple of vocal mics and miced the leslies from the side and ran them into 2 channels on the power mixer it worked well.


My questions are.


1) I have lost track of what is cool in the world of microphones. What are good reasonable priced mics out there. The SM57 was what we always used to use for this sort of thing. I was wondering if those little condenser mics that drummers would sound ok.


2) If there are small mics that would sound good would I be gaining anything if I permenantly mounted the mics inside the leslie or do think that would sound worse? My guess is internal micing would pick up a bunch of noise. I always mic'd throught the louvers


Thanks a lot.

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There was a thread on this recently. The SM57 is still a favorite for miking the horn. It will work pretty well for the drum too, but a large diaphragm dynamic with good bass response is preferred.



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I usually use two SM57s on top and a kick mic on the bottom, something like a Beta52. If I'm kickin' bass and I'm using an older Leslie and it has a port on the back, I mic that (and then phase reverse the signal, since you're mic'ing the back of the speaker).


The Leslie 3300 has a sub output and I just take a direct off that when kickin' bass. Sounds great.


You can use condensers but they tend to be more sensitive in the upper range, something that's not necessarily a bonus with a Leslie since the Hammond doesn't really output anything above 6kHz.

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