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best portable guitar stand?

groove machine

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I take stands very seriously. They are your first line of defense for protecting your guitar while it is unattended.


For home, I really like the Hercules wall hangers. For the road, I like either a multiple guitar stand or a low center of gravity, hard to tip, single mini stand.


So far, I've found the Hercules products to be sturdy, well built and reliable. It's certainly worth an extra $10 in cost to keep your $2000 guitar, safe.

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I've got a Hercules stand, too, like this one:


http://www.herculesstands.com/Images/guitar/GS415BMain.jpg _______ http://www.herculesstands.com/Images/innovations/foldingAGS.jpg


_______ Hercules GS415B (link)


It looks big, but folds-up to a surprisingly compact size, 732mm x 115mm (28.8" x 4.5"), stowing away in a tote-bag that came with it. And its foam padding doesn't harm lacquer finishes the way that of some stands does. It closes "fingers" in front of the neck near the headstock when the weight of the guitar pulls down on the yoke, to keep the guitar safe from falling out. The yoke also folds down when packing the stand up, as shown above/right.



They also make other, considerably smaller stands that don't hang the guitar from its neck if that's an issue, and have lower centers of gravity, including:


GS402B Folds to 282x105mm (11.1x4.1")


GS302B Folds flat to 300x245mm (11.8"x9.6")


GS602B Folds to a circular diameter of 205mm (8")

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


~ Caevan James-Michael Miller-O'Shite ~

_ ___ _ Leprechaun, Esquire _ ___ _

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This is timely info, since my current guitar stand is very rickety these days... not quite dangerous yet but getting there!

And I need a mandolin stand, too.. the flute stand is for down the road... yes, they make them, and for other horns, too!

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