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digging in. (i did it.)

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i played in church yesterday, which isn't surprising. signal chain was as usual:


bass >> TU-2 >> M80 DI+


but i have new strings for the first time in a while, and i was getting a really good snap when i played harder. so i decided to dig in.


my reaction:



i also found a really cool low gain (and drier mix) setting i liked on the M80. i might've boosted the bass a little too much, but it added just the right amount fur to the tone.


and i played well.


i might have to dig in more. i've always been more of a light touch player, but i really liked the results yesterday.




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I have always played with a heavier touch. The light touch thing doesn't work with me. +10 to new strings. I put some on my bass last week and it was like I got a new bass. I should change them a little more often - or when I feel a GAS attack coming on.
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I've been contemplating changing out my Aerodyne's strings... the problem is that changing strings on my 5 string altered the sound so much I'm scared to do it to the Fender... I like the tone just like it is and I don't really want to change it. Maybe I'll just bite the bullet and do it. My worship leader has offered to pick up the tab on a set a year if I want them... I took him up on it for the 5 string, but haven't yet for the 4.

But if it makes me play well? I'll try anything...



Aerodyne Jazz Deluxe

Pod X3 Live

Roland Bolt-60 (modified)

Genz Benz GBE250-C 2x10

Acoustic 2x12 cab


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for my cirrus i prefer la bella hard rockin' steel medium (.045 to .105). they're a really balanced sounding stainless steel set that works very well with the active pickups. a side benefit is that they last a really long time.


on everything else, i have been fine with XLs. based on what i like, i wouldn't recommend the HRS for your aerodyne. it's hard to go wrong with XLs.


Did you frighten the faithful with your new, hairier tone? :laugh:


i have used higher gain (and wetter blend) tones in the past. this is the same songwriter with whom i used an ebow on a recording we did at the beginning of the year. she's pretty open, and i doubt most of the non-musicians notice.


most of the people tend to respond more favorably when i bring the rock, though, whether recognize it or not.



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