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Who wouldn't love to iBone?

ZZ Thorn

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Hi y'all, a bit of spam here I think you'll like from my new buddy Tom from San Francisco.


Tom created an application for iPhone that is basically about as close as you can get to playing the trombone on your iPhone. Check out the video on the link and I think you'll agree that it's a really fun and useful learning tool.


iBone - not porn


Tom basically put a spreadsheet of the seven positions and associated notes of the trombone and by touching a note on the screen you make a bony sound.


I think any musician realizes pretty quickly that this is about as good as it gets for playing the trombone on your phone. It's so responsive that you can raise or lower the volume by moving the 'bell' of the phone up or down. I think it has great potential for all trombone players, so if you know any, or you know any music school teachers with trombone students pass on this great new app. It's only $4.99 and available at the Apple application store.


We met not one but all three of Wynton Marsalis' trombonists and they were all blown away by iBone. One of them had already even bought it. It's hard to imagine any tromboner who owns an iPhone wouldn't want this app so he or she can play on the bus, during class, at work, etc.


Even if you aren't a trombone player it's a pretty fun toy for less than $5. It has some songs built in and a teaching tool, where a light shows you where to put your finger so you can play along with the songs.


So, check it out and pass on the news to your boner friends.


That's Tom on the video, showing he knows how to bone pretty well. He says his trombone skills translated pretty quickly. And yes, I can't get enough of the bone pun. Tom was touring europe recently, showing off the iBone at trombone and music festivals in his "iBone Europe '09" tour - priceless.

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If you'd posted this a month ago when I decided to NOT get an iPhone, you would have changed my mind for sure... now my 30 days are up and I can't get out of my contract for two years...bummer.

A java version in the works perhaps?



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Glad you guys like it. I just sent him an email, so if you have any questions/tips he'll probably see them and I can try and get answers.


I picture some young boner...wait a minute, that didn't come out right...I picture some young trombone player playing with his iBone in class (dammit Tom!) instead of paying attention and becoming the next JJ Johnson.

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