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The New Reality of Touring

By Reeves Gabrels


16 July 2009 -- Well, last nights "The Garage @ the Biltmore" gig in Asheville was a good start to our run of dates. The club wasn't packed, but we played like it was, and, it seems we picked up a bunch of new fans.


Oh wow, you are the singer AND the guitar player!

You mean it's not an instrumental band?

You guys have like really cool songs and stuffwhen are you coming back to play again?


It's always satisifying to play a gig and feel like you turned people on to something new, or opened their minds a little to other possibilities.


It is now Thursday July 16 around 9:00 pm. We are playing at Local 506 in Chapel Hill, N.C. The soundcheck went well, and the soundman, Nick, and the opening act (Benjomatic) were very cool. Onstage sound sounds like ROCK, so we are happy.


It always amuses me what music gets played on the van rides between gigs. Today was Nick Lowe, Crack the Sky (the band from the 70s, not Mastodon's new album), Talk Talk, Chris Arduser, Robin Trower, Firesign Theatre, Dada, Snoop Dogyou just never know.


Kevin, Jeff, and I like when we can crank it up and still hear each other. It's so much better than the audio Braille method.

Well, I have to get off line to do a phone interview with bunkradio.com in Boston to support the Boston gig. I'll let you know tomorrow (7/17) how tonight's Chapel Hill show went after we get to the next venue, the half shell in Virginia Beach. I may have some pictures to send you, too.


Hasta Manana,



Reeves Gabrels and His Imaginary Friends 10 cities/10 nights Tour


Wed 15 July Garage at Biltmore Asheville, NC www.thegarageatbiltmore.com

Thu 16 July Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC www.local506.com

Fri 17 July Half Shell Virginia Beach, VA (2917 Shore Dr, 757-481-3642‎)

Sat 18 July The Flamenco Onancock, VA (4 North St, 757-787-7780)

Sun 19 July Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia, PA www.johnnybrendas.com

Mon 20 July Rides the Nightclub Herkimer, NY (236 N Main St, 315-219-5003)

Tue 21 July Cafe Nine New Haven, CT www.cafenine.com

Wed 22 July Regent Theater Boston (Arlington), MA www.regenttheatre.com

Thu 23 July Howler's Pittsburgh, PA www.howlerscoyotecafe.com

Fri 24 July The Winchester Cleveland (Lakewood), OH www.thewinchester.net


*Reeves Gabrels, Kevin Hornback (bass), Jeff Brown (drums)



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Kevin, Jeff, and I like when we can crank it up and still hear each other. It's so much better than the audio Braille method.




:thu::cool: Good idea! I wish it would catch on even more... :rolleyes:

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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